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Bussiness agility

Fast, technology driven change of business environment makes traditional BPM tools outdated. To find and applicate new tools and methodologies is a must to be able to support business needs, human workflows, decisions with technology.

There are 3 areas where processinformatics approach is the key in supporting business agility.


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Fact based decision making

The development of technology brought new type of BI approach. The focus is not only on analysis but on data driven decision making, so you have to fit BI in processes not into separate silos.

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Agile processes

Your processes have to be more flexible than your systems are. You have to step over your legacy systems and to be flexible, responsive and agile in the everyday business situation. You need tools make your organization agile and empower employees to remove bottlenecks from processes and achieve their goals.

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Business and technology transformation

You want to be agile but your IT tools aren’t? You need tools make response time fast, costs low and you don’t have to code for change in processes.

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