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There is a Latin saying: 'Ab esse ad posse'. This phrase in Hungarian means "To infer from reality the possibility."

As a technology consultant, we support critical business processes and teamwork of companies. azt valljuk, hogy a problémák orvoslására javasolt megoldásaink mindig a meglévő konkrét alapokra, a technológiákban rejlő lehetőségekre épüljenek.

We work to make our clients work better, more efficiently and effectively at the end of the day. Competitive business solutions can be credibly built with competitive, ever-renewing knowledge.

Knowledge of the latest technologies and methodologies is the essence of Abesse that can only be expected from motivated colleagues with a career vision. With all our attention and knowledge, we build such a company.


As a technology consultant and IT service provider, we deliver critical and regulated businessprocesses as well as supporting corporate collaboration, which is essential for success. DELIVERING BETTER BUSINESS PROCESSES


Process Automation

Automate processes with agile methods without exposure to technology.

  • Process Robotics - RPA
  • Workflow systems
  • Automation of development - Low-Code, CI / CD
  • Test Automation

Business applications

There are unique needs! How can you effectively and quickly support them with business applications?

  • Development of custom business applications
  • Integrated HR Process Support Solution - Lanteria
  • Business reports, management decision support
  • Introduction and support of Low-Code development environment

Collaboration - Teamwork

The question is not whether teamwork is necessary for success, but how it provides the conditions.

  • Support for joint work organization and cooperation
  • Filing, document and content management
  • B2B Client Portals, Intranet

Cloud infrastructure

The cloud is a new business model with new technological capabilities. We will help you find the best place for you. A felhő egy új üzleti modell számtalan innovatív technológiai lehetőséggel.

  • Hybrid cloud infrastructures
  • Custom application development platform in the cloud
  • Mobile Office Environments- O365, SharePoint, MS Teams
  • BYOD, security


We believe in long-term cooperation. We need to understand the market conditions of our clients and to think together on business and organizational issues. We are ready to support our partners in the design, development and operation of their business applications throughout the service life cycle.


  • Strategic, technological consulting
  • IT development consultancy
  • CI / CD implementations - Testing methodologies
  • DevOps implementations
  • Infrastructure Maturity Measurement

Development, system integration

  • Survey, business demand analysis
  • Logical engineering
  • Custom improvements [agile, waterfall, low code]
  • Application integration, consolidation, fine tuning
  • Component integration
  • Quality assurance, testing

Operation support

  • 24/7 availability
  • System and service management
  • Infrastructure operation,
  • Application lifecycle support (operation, further development)
  • Outsourcing

Expert resources

  • Providing experts for our clients
  • Provide complete agile / scrum development teams for a given period - with methodological mentoring


Looking for a job? Choose a lifestyle instead!

Instead of just a simple job, study and develop on interesting domestic and foreign projects. Get inspired by good people! Become a leader with us!

We believe that you will find your calculation, if you are in a professional workshop we give you a job where everyone is important the renewal and development of individuals. Individuals success is also the key to the company's success.


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